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There are more people presently living on earth than all previous civilizations combined.  With this expediential growth explosion comes the ever-increasing demand for goods and services.  Whenever there is a population growth like the earth is experiencing, you will always have increases of toxic waste/hazardous by products (waste).  Just think of how many carcinogens that humans are exposed to on a daily basis.  Humans, animal, fowl, and marine life are being threatened at an alarming and ever increasing rate by chemicals and chemical compounds such as DES, DIOXINS, PCB, EDB, ARSENIC, BENZENE, ALAR, HYDROCARBONS ETC.  Hundreds more of these carcinogen substances, some very obscure, are known to the scientific and medical community, and many are scattered throughout the earth at literally thousands of hazardous waste sites.  Everyone remembers Love Canal, where people were exposed to these horrendous substances through the air, water they drank, their bathwater and the food they ate. You also may remember the chemical accident in Bhopal, India in late 1984.  Bhopal, India was only the worst example of events that take place on a daily basis, only on a smaller scale.  All existence is being ravaged, and conditions are worsening.

Realizing our responsibility to the environment and taking our stewardship very seriously, the Aquron Corporation International has developed a number of products that target specific categories of hazardous/toxic waste conditions.  Many times the means of decontamination leaves the site in a non-vegetative condition. This is not the case with Aquron Remediation Solutions.  Aquron Remediation Solutions will leave the earth well nourished and ready to produce crops or any type of plant life.

Review the following section of the Aquron website to see how Aquron Remediation Solution products can work to cleanup the environments of soil, water and, air.  If you are faced with a small or monumental remediation project we cannot only help, we can show you how to restore the site.

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Environmental Remediation

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