Concrete Cleaning and Waterproofing

High Performance Cleaners

AQURON® Concrete Efflorescence Cleaner

is a clear yellow/green liquid acid base cleaner of efflorescence, which has proven to be more user-friendly and a more gentle cleanser than muriatic acid that may attack concrete as well as the efflorescent deposit.

Aquron® 007™ Concrete Cleaner

is an environmentally neutral and user-friendly water borne cleaner formulated for concrete to clean unsightly oil and grease contaminates from concrete and work to restore its original coloration.

AQURON® CHLOR-GONE™ Liquid Soluble Salt Remover

is recommended as a wash solution to remove soluble chlorides on a variety of surfaces including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, wood, plastic and others. It is a non-volatile, organic compound that is biodegradable.

Concrete Protection and Waterproofing

Aquron® CPT-2000™Concrete Preservation Treatment

This Concrete Preservation Treatment is a clear, aqueous borne sub-surface molecular bonding and waterproofing solution/treatment used to seal the concrete matrix and preserve its imbedded steel.

Aquron® 2000 Cure and Seal™

is a liquid spray applied product that has been proven at least equal to water curing. Aquron 2000 cure & seal eliminates the cost and hassle of water curing while allowing for quicker access to the surface. Improve compressive strength, greatly reduces shrinkage cracking and seal concrete from inside out, utilize Aquron 2000 cure & seal.

Aquron® 7000™ Concrete Soluble Chloride Reducer

readily penetrates Portland cement concrete when applied to its surface, reducing or eliminating soluble chlorides and arresting and/or preventing corrosion of embedded steel without reducing cement paste pH value to depths of at least 3” to 6”.

Aquron® 300™ Concrete Mix Water Conditioner

is a clear, environmentally neutral, non-toxic , odorless liquid that is added to concrete mix water to produce extraordinarily strong, hard, and impermeable concrete by utilizing greater volumes of the already included cement while still producing concrete with low water-cement ratio quality.

Aquron® 631™ Elastomeric Deck Coating

system is an elastomeric clear waterproofing/oil repellent system of tough-curing liquid acrylic styrene curing to form an elastomeric surface membrane that provides lasting eye appealing and easy-to-clean coating for use on plazas, decks, roof terraces, balconies, parking structures, and any other concrete structure.

Aquron® 6312™Elastomeric Coating

system is a non-hazardous elastomeric clear waterproofing/oil repellant system of tough curing liquid acrylic styrene and aqueous resin silicanate. The Aquron® 6312 system cures to form an elastomeric surface membrane that provides a lasting eye appealing and easy to clean clear coating.

Aquron® 900 System

Aquron 900 System was developed to increase the compressive strength of existing concrete through the full depth of the pour. Spray Aquron 900 System to the surface of the concrete and it will start concrete hydrating again without heat.Do not rip and replace deficient concrete, Aquron it.

Aquron® M.V.B. Concrete Moisture-Vapor Blocker™

This Concrete Preservation Treatment is a clear, aqueous borne sub-surface molecular bonding and waterproofing solution/treatment used to seal the concrete matrix and preserve its imbedded steel.

Aquron® Surface Finisher™

is formulated for concrete that has already been treated with Aquron cpt-2000. Aquron concrete surface finisher for concrete will very economically add surface density to concrete while leaving a high sheen.

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