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The AQURON® Key Applicator Training program provides specialized education on all of our products that are designed to protect the integrity of concrete structures including pools, waterscapes, bridges, and stadiums.  For aquatics customers, waterproofing and control of efflorescence are emphasized. Become a key applicator and receive additional benefits such as volume discounts. If you are interested in training Email Paul Syvrud at with 3 possible dates that you are available for training at our Rockwall Corporate office.  When we have a full class, you will be notified. If you have more than 20 registered students, call our office about possible on-site training.

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Gerard Land Aquatic Testamony

Shawn Still Testimony


Dear Jerry,

I am writing to confirm that in the 3+ years we have been applying Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen brand interior finishes to swimming pools treated with Aquron CPSP, we have never had an issue with our finish bonding to the gunite/shotcrete, nor have we have had an issue with any other type of cementitious interior finish bonding to this product.

The gunite/shotcrete substrate looks virtually the same after application, and our crews cannot tell the difference between a shell treated or untreated with your product.  We have found that the majority of high-end builders in metro-Atlanta are embracing Aquron as a solution to stop water loss and the formation of efforescence.

If you or any contractors have a question or would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Shawn Still, General Manager

Olympic Pool Plastering


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What you need to know about concrete!
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Aquron Concrete Pool Shell Protector was sprayed on to 6,800 square feet of new concrete pool and spa construction for a new condominium located in downtown Miami, Florida. The 52 story high rise facility has 2 pools and spas on an open 14th floor deck. The lap pool is poured concrete, while the free formed pool was shot with Gunite process.

Both pools and spa were waterproofed by applying Pool Shell Protector with an airless sprayer. The application which penetrates 3 to 5 inches inside the concrete pool walls, forms a silica hydro-gel inside the concrete matrix. This hydro-gel network waterproofs the pool shell from within, which protects the tenants below, strengthens the concrete, protects the reinforcing steel and provides a bond coat for the final pool finish.

The entire application on the 14th floor pool deck was completed in one day.

Courtesy of J.B. Werner

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