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Aquron Corporation - A History of Caring

For more than 20 years the Aquron Corporation International has produced cutting edge bio-safe chemical products that enhance and protect concrete, stone, wood, and metal. Now Aquron produces Environmental Remediation products that revitalize soils naturally, remediate toxic spills, and enhance the health of fowl and animals for food production.

We are committed to improving our world now and for generations to come. Whether saving an interstate bridge from salt attach, cleaning a beautiful beach After an oil spill or helping raise a healthier chicken Aquron is committed.

In this electronic age we live in with less and less human communication Aquron has chosen to maintain the human touch. We personally take your calls and address Your needs. Old fashion hard work with integrity, coupled with the highest level of Technology we are saving our world one project at a time

Bio Safe and Green

Aquron Corporation International manufactures products that are formulated, blended and stored in one of cleanest environmentally enhanced facilities in America.  Under some of the highest standards in the industry, Aquron produces products that protect and extend the service life of concrete, stone, soil, steel and wood. Aquron produces toxic waste remediation products that cleanse and heal the earth that had previously been lost to over industrialization and toxic pollution. Whether earth, air or water Aquron Corporation International strives to return our environment to the way it was first created.

The Latest News

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  • 7 Nov - List of stocked POOLCORP Locations

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  • 20 Nov - AQUATICS Key Applicator Training

    The AQURON® Key Applicator Training program provides specialized education on all of our products that are designed to protect the integrity of concrete structures including pools, waterscapes, bridges, and stadiums.  For aquatics customers, waterproofing and control of efflorescence are emphasized. Become a key applicator and receive additional benefits such as volume discounts. If you are [...]

  • 8 May - Aquron Aquatics Testimonials

      Dear Jerry, I am writing to confirm that in the 3+ years we have been applying Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen brand interior finishes to swimming pools treated with Aquron CPSP, we have never had an issue with our finish bonding to the gunite/shotcrete, nor have we have had an issue with any other [...]

  • 2 Aug - Concrete Inevitabilities

    What you need to know about concrete! Click here to read pdf