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Aquron Concrete Pool Shell Protector was sprayed on to 6,800 square feet of new concrete pool and spa construction for a new condominium located in downtown Miami, Florida. The 52 story high rise facility has 2 pools and spas on an open 14th floor deck. The lap pool is poured concrete, while the free formed pool was shot with Gunite process.

Both pools and spa were waterproofed by applying Pool Shell Protector with an airless sprayer. The application which penetrates 3 to 5 inches inside the concrete pool walls, forms a silica hydro-gel inside the concrete matrix. This hydro-gel network waterproofs the pool shell from within, which protects the tenants below, strengthens the concrete, protects the reinforcing steel and provides a bond coat for the final pool finish.

The entire application on the 14th floor pool deck was completed in one day.

Courtesy of J.B. Werner

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