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In Cornwall England a 62-year old grandfather was told by doctors that he had six months to live. The doctors and hospital advised him to live it up. John Brandrick did just that. In living it up John spent everything he had and six months went by and John Broderick was still alive and flat broke.
He has since found out that he was misdiagnosed and therefore wants the hospital to compensate him for the money he spent. The hospital said there was no clear evidence of negligence. The great lesson here to be learned is “Get a second opinion.”
If someone is trying to place a post mortem on your concrete because it is laden with salt with no relief in sight; if your concrete is deficient in strength; or if imbedded steel placement is too close to the surface, do not let someone convince you to destroy your investment.
Call the Aquron Technical Department and in all probability we will be able to remove your concrete investment from the guillotine of destruction. Aquron will almost certainly be able to get you back to sleeping at night and keep your money in the bank where it belongs.
I wonder if those post mortemers ever gave John his money back.
Doesn’t expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?

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