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    7 Nov - List of stocked POOLCORP Locations

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    20 Nov - AQUATICS Key Applicator Training

    The AQURON® Key Applicator Training program provides specialized education on all of our products that are designed to protect the integrity of concrete structures including pools, waterscapes, bridges, and stadiums.  For aquatics customers, waterproofing and control of efflorescence are emphasized. Become a key applicator and receive additional benefits such as volume discounts. If you are [...]

The Aquron Difference:

Improving the world we live in through science and chemistry. It's not just a tag line, we strive to solve difficult problems with a sense of responsibility and spirit of accountability. That's why we make bio safe, green product solutions. Products that protect, clean, and restore the environment we all live in. Select a catagory from "Our Products" to find out more.

Bio Safe and Green

Aquron Corporation International manufactures products that are formulated, blended and stored in one of cleanest environmentally enhanced facilities in America. Under some of the highest standards in the industry, Aquron produces products that protect and extend the service life of concrete, stone, soil, steel and wood. Aquron produces toxic waste remediation products that cleanse and heal the earth that had previously been lost to industrial disaster. Whether earth, air or water Aquron Corporation International strives to return our environment to the way it was first created.

Aquron Flooring Division

Aquron's Flooring Division was created to service the flooring industries lack of viable options in sub-floor protection. Vapor drive in concrete is the source of failure for a multitude of flooring projects annually. Whether it is wood, vinyl, rubber epoxy etc... moisture is the leading causes of delamination.

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Aquron Environmental Remediation Division

The world is being contaminated with toxic materials at an alarming rate. Aquron Corporation international addresses this issue with a complete line of green products that will remediate toxic waste with outstanding results. If it is in the water, under the ground or on the surface, Aquron environmental remediation can restore your soil, water and air with amazing results.

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Aquron Aquatic Division

Concrete pool shells, as well as surrounding patios and stone, need protection from freeze/thaw, efflorescence, corrosion of steel reinforcement, and the leaching of pool chemicals into and through the pool shell walls. Aquron has the solution to solve these problems and more.

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